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“Doing this repeatedly can form layers, multiple layers, ones that fall on top of one another, like transparent ghosts - quantities thick, but are still see-through. Build sound like building walls of ghosts. In the end you are presented with an object, a whole sound, made up of many ghosts repeating, howling, maybe to the point where you can’t hear it anymore, and it’s just one sound, one sound of many.

The object is the one we are most familiar with, our one body. Just the material.”

ghosts inside my suitcase

November 4, 2009

MFA Sub Gallery

Montreal, QC

20 minute performance touching on themes of the supernatural, multiplicity, migration, and story-telling. Vocal and guitar track layers are created and destroyed in-situ with loop pedal. Scary cookies are served to audience.

* excerpt from g.i.m.s notes