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flight (detail) 2013

902 Second Avenue

Dawson City, Yukon

Tues - Fri 11- 5 PM

Sat 12 - 5 PM

with the generous support of:

“Informed by migration, movement, and change, the Filipino Folktales of my youth, the Canadian pop culture of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the television shows, films, music, sports, science and social politics of time all work together to define this new sense of self that hybrids the past, the present, and the anticipated future within a new life. What results in my work is a personal myth consisting of drawn imagery that reflects the notion of a self that is fragmented, multiple and in process informed by their surroundings, of which takes place within the realms of the supernatural and otherworldly - where the porous boundaries of reality and the fantastical rupture, overflow, and reconfigure. “Unearthly, Uprising” continues with this exploration, and features 4 meticulously rendered large-scale mixed media drawings on canvas, whose imagery speak of the multifarious narrative behind a body fragmented arising from foundations of movement, migration, and change within a physical and social landscape.”


235 Queens Quay West

Toronto, ON

M5J 2G8

(L-R) re-grounding 2011, light as a feather, stiff as a board (2) 2011

with the generous support of:

black hole, 2013 Photo: Guy L’Heureux

OCT 18-NOV 24, 2013

262 Fairmount O.

Montreal, QC

H2V 2G3

Artist talk and Discussion with

Zoe Chan Nov 9, 3pm

W-Th 12-6

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Writers use language to create meaning. Literature is a way to make sense of the world, or at least an attempt to heighten the enjoyment of human existence. The idea of poetic world-making suggests that reality is a construct of literature. Indeed the story or poem is the world. If reality is the result of narrative, then so too are the visual arts.

In Other Worlds, the artists all begin with the word. They take their inspiration from text to create works that augment and extend the literary wellspring. They develop what they have read to create Other Worlds.  The inspiration may come from children’s stories, fables, literary tomes or even the flotsam of Google. All the work is deeply rooted in the source, but the artists cast off what they deem no longer necessary; editing down to the essential ingredients. These artists use only the elements that have the greatest consequence. At first glance, many of these new works may not be overtly text based, but then this world – and Other Worlds – will always, in effect, originate with the word.

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